Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flexoweb Alert ---- e-Catalog gets a Facelift

What’s new with the e-Catalog feature in Flexoweb?

We have recently developed a new way to create an e-Catalog; simply click on the e-Catalog menu drop down, then click on the first option “Manage e-Catalogs” once the screen appears fill in the necessary information, i.e., Catalog title, description, expiration date, password, etc. Once complete, click on the “Submit” button; if this is a new e-Catalog then Flexoweb will automatically advance to the “Manage e-Catalog Items” screen. From this screen you will now assign which items should appear on this E-Catalog. If you know your item number just type it in, the items input field is located to the right of the Items button. Once the item code is entered, press your enter key and you will see a small image of the item; then click on the “Add To e-Catalog” button, this will add the item to the list. Please note that you can click on any item after it has been added and change the display options for that item, or you can add a note to any item.

There is a new print option that has been added which will now allow you to print e-Catalogs on the fly. After you have selected the items that you want to include on your e-Catalog, simply click the print button located in the upper right hand corner. The print selection window will display and you can choose to print 3-across, 2-across or 1-across. You will also be able to select the size of the image that will print, i.e., medium, large or super-size. Once the items are displayed simply click on the print option from your browser.

There is an e-mail link that is displayed once you select an e-Catalog; you can copy this link and paste it into your E-mail program allowing you to email the e-catalog to a buyer/customer. When your buyer receives your email they simply click on the link and a viewer program will be displayed with your e-catalog items. Your buyer can also click the print button and have the same print options available to them.

What are some of the ways I use this new e-Catalog feature?

Print e-Catalogs at trade shows so that any potential buyer can walk away with a printed copy of your items. Of course this would require a color printer and a laptop at the trade show.

Print e-Catalogs at your showroom when a buyer visits and wants a selection list of certain items they are interested in.

Quickly build and email a custom e-Catalog selection to any buyer.

Use e-Catalog to replace expensive printed catalogs that become outdated and obsolete due to production difficulties.

Create a new department called LineSheet, then enter your drawings into that department as items, select those drawings in e-Catalog and email the e-Catalog to select buyers, let your buyers choose next year's line.

Create a new department called Manufacturing, then enter your drawings into that department as items, select those drawings in e-Catalog and email the e-Catalog to your select overseas manufacturer(s) and let them quote you prices from e-Catalog.

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As always we are constantly improving the Flexoweb product, your comments are welcomed.